The Best Beaches in Long Beach, California

The Best Beaches in Long Beach, California

The beaches in Long Beach is the ideal place to enjoy the beauty of Southern California’s coastline. Travellers have a wide range of options to explore and take in at Long Beach, California. But with so many options, organizing a trip can be both exhilarating and confusing.

The Best Beaches in Long Beach, CA 2023

We suggest traveling to these Best Beaches in Long Beach, California, if you want to go away this summer and enjoy the lovely seaside wind and the sand beneath your feet. So that you may get the most out of your next trip, join us as we tour some of Long Beach’s top beaches.

Mother’s Beach – Long Beach, CA

The Best Beaches in Long Beach, California

Mother’s Beach, as you would have guessed from the name, is the ideal place to spend out with kids. It’s a great place to swim and have fun because there aren’t any waves and the coasts are well-guarded. In addition, Mother’s Beach is directly next door where you can rent kayaks or stand-up paddleboards, which are great for getting out on the sea.

Peninsula Beach – Long Beach, CA

The Best Beaches in Long Beach, California

A true Long Beach experience may be had at Peninsula Beach.There are two beaches on The Peninsula, with Peninsula Beach being the one closest to the water.With the crashing waves and lots of space for relaxation on the white sands, the seaside provides an immersive experience.

When there aren’t many activities taking place along the coastline at night, the location is ideal for unwinding and having a good time.If you’re traveling alone, the calm seas are a terrific company.

Bayshore – Long Beach, CA

The Best Beaches in Long Beach, California

It typically draws young singles and couples because it is arguably the most well-known and well-liked beach in the city, along with Mother’s. A relatively thin ribbon of sand at the southern end of Belmont Shore’s Second Street shopping district, Bayshore Beach (195 Bayshore Ave.) is home to an extensive range of summertime activities, including swimming, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, and, at its western end, handball, roller skating, and basketball on courts renowned in the hoops world for their high-caliber matches and fierce competition.

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Belmont Shore Beach – Long Beach, CA

The Best Beaches in Long Beach, California

When it comes to selecting the most attractive beaches in Long Beach, California, Belmont Shore Beach is our top choice. If you enjoy sightseeing, Belmont Shore’s shoreline offers an attractive view of the coastline.

Additionally, there are a variety of special attractions, from riding to swimming.

In addition, Rosie’s Dog Beach, which is close to Belmont Shore and is one of several lovely beaches in the area with many of fluffy pals roaming about, is a particular favorite.

If you appreciate touring, it’s a must-see since who doesn’t enjoy watching dogs?

Alamitos Bay Beach – Long Beach, CA

The Best Beaches in Long Beach, California

The preferred location for taking in Southern California’s coastline has always been Alamitos Bay Beach. Bay Shore Avenue is just for pedestrians and bicyclists to use, however visitors are welcome to stroll and cruise about. There are volleyball courts available if you’re the athletic kind. 

The sunset is what gives these beaches their true allure.

You will be greeted by the diversity of lights and hues, which will be stunningly reflected in the still waters. You’ll see an even brighter beach if you can visit for the annual tree lighting ceremony before Thanksgiving.

Colorado Lagoon – Long Beach, CA

The Best Beaches in Long Beach, California

Similar to Mother’s Beach, this 18-acre saltwater tidal lagoon is in the Belmont Heights neighborhood and is well-liked by young families seeking a secure area for youngsters to play in and around the sea. Colorado Lagoon (5059 E. Colorado St.) features grassy spaces with picnic tables where you may eat or rest on a blanket. There is also children’s play equipment and calm waters where they may safely splash about. In addition to egrets, pelicans, and tiny schools of fish, the lagoon, which was previously a part of the Los Cerritos Wetlands, draws other kinds of animals.

Junipero Beach  – Long Beach, CA

The Best Beaches in Long Beach, California

Due to its ideal position close to downtown Long Beach, Junipero Beach is a great option for families. The accessibility of various facilities and attractions is made possible by its near vicinity. A large, grassy park area is available along the shore, ideal for families to host picnics or play games. The beach also has calm waves, which makes it safe for kids to swim and participate in watersports while lifeguards keep an eye on them.

Shoreline Aquatic Park – Long Beach, CA

The Best Beaches in Long Beach, California

If you want a beach with lots of attractions, Shoreline Aquatic Park is a terrific option. This location offers everything, a wide grassy park, picnic tables, and bicycle routes.

Additionally, the five-acre Aquarium of the Pacific, which holds 5,000 aquatic species and is ideal for the whole family to explore, is located at Shoreline Aquatic Park.

We strongly advise adding Shoreline Aquatic Park to your list of the top Long Beach beaches!

Rosie’s dog beach – Long Beach, CA

The Best Beaches in Long Beach, California

The place to visit if you’re traveling with a dog is Rosie’s Dog Beach. At Rosie’s, there are a tonne of dogs who are unrestrained that are playing with one another and racing around the beach. You may also ride on a path that is designated for bicycles that extends towards Granada Avenue without encountering any dogs.

Marine Stadium Beach – Long Beach, CA

The Best Beaches in Long Beach, California

Marine Stadium Beach, one of the best beaches in Long Beach, is a popular choice with boaters and wakeboarders both. It’s a stunning beach, but it also offers fun activities for locals and visitors, particularly if you like water skiing. This beach has a fascinating history because it was the site of the Olympic Rowing competition in 1932.

Incorporating stunning coastal vistas, vibrant local culture, and an array of recreational activities, the beaches of Long Beach, California stand as a testament to the region’s natural beauty and leisurely charm. Whether you’re seeking relaxation on the sandy shores or eager to explore the dynamic waterfront scene, Long Beach’s beaches offer an unforgettable coastal experience that caters to every visitor’s desires.