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Top 11 Celebrity Homes in Los Angeles

The biggest movie stars, celebrities, and real legends in Hollywood call Beverly Hills, Bel Air, and Holmby Hills home. Famous people have long been drawn to Beverly Hills, but as Los Angeles expanded, it also became a favored getaway for the wealthy and famous.

Why Do Celebrities Buy Homes in Los Angeles?

Many celebrities also love the quiet streets and suburbs that make “Hollywood Hills” one of the greatest locations to live in  Los Angeles, California, and give you the impression that you are far from the rush and bustle of Los Angeles. Celebrities keep buying properties in Los Angeles for another reason: other celebrities!

Who wouldn’t want Madonna or Jack Nicolson as neighbors? A new movie or album collaboration might be discussed when celebrities drop by one other’s homes thanks to the fantastic networking opportunities.

Here are Some Iconic Celebrity Homes in Los Angeles

Here we have listed Top 11 Celebrity Homes in Los Angeles, check them out.

Jeff Bezos’ Home


Even though he has since lost the title of the world’s richest person, Jeff Bezos still owns one of the most expensive homes in Beverly Hills. He initially paid around $175 million for the 10-acre plot of land in 2020, and he promptly started building. Jeff Bezos slowly added 28,000 square feet to the house after purchasing it.

The property also has a gym, pool house, and pergola in addition to the mansion. They are also constructing a house for the property’s security guards. The pool house is 697 square feet in size.

Adele’s Home


Adele paid an eye-watering $58 million in 2022 to buy Sylvester Stallone’s “hidden” property in Los Angeles. The mansion is located in Beverly Park, which is immediately above Beverly Hills. celebrities like The Rock, Justin Bieber, and others reside in the region.

Eight bedrooms and twelve bathrooms are found on the 1,726 square meter mansion; celebs adore bathrooms! Before announcing her separation from her husband, Adele purchased another “smaller” home at 9575 Hidden Valley Rd for $10.65 million, according to insiders.

Taylor Swift’s Home


When Taylor Swift isn’t singing about breakups or “shaking it off” or being the stereotypical “girl next door,” she is buying Beverly Hills mansions. Her primary residence is a $25 million mansion, which she requested be recognized as a historic landmark by the City of Beverly Hills in 2017. Samuel Goldwyn, a co-founder of Goldwyn Pictures, lived in the four-bedroom estate known as the “Goldwyn Estate” for a time.

Ellen DeGeneres’s Home


The charming and charismatic talk show host “Ellen” adores interior decorating and luxurious home furnishings. She has purchased and sold over seven homes in Beverly Hills as a devoted “house flipper.”  For instance, in 2003, Ellen paid about $6 million for a Beverly Hills house from Mutchnick, then sold it to Will Ferrell three years later for $9 million, making a tidy profit.

2019 saw Ellen and her spouse Portia de Rossi pay an eye-watering $45 million to buy Adam Levine’s former Beverly Hills property. Although the property’s stunning 12 bathrooms and five bedrooms look excessive, perhaps everyone in Maroon 5 wanted to bring a buddy.

Jennifer Lawrence’s Home


The reasons why Jennifer Lawrence is so well-known are her outstanding performance in The Hunger Games and her pleasant nature in real life. Famously, she “puked” and “smelled Brad Pitt” at Madonna’s party. She paid $8 million in 2014 for a five-bedroom luxury property with a star-studded roster of previous owners that included Jessica Simpson and, you guessed it, Ellen DeGeneres.

The building has a European flair to it, with lovely planted gardens, a pool, and a gym—of course—to help you get ready for the upcoming Hunger Games!

Nicolas Cage’s Home

nicolas cage home

Nicolas Cage is a fascinating person with questionable spending and splurging habits! From many, opulent yachts to a collection of exotic animals and even a castle!

Although you wouldn’t think this would be a problem given his legendary status and enormous profits, he unfortunately cannot pay his taxes. He received a hefty fine for tax evasion a few years ago, and several of his residences had to be auctioned to cover the cost. In close proximity to LA Country Club is this foreclosed property.

Jennifer Anniston’s Home


Jennifer Aniston, the popular “Girl Next Door,” first gained popularity on the smash television show “Friends” before becoming a major Hollywood movie star. Architect A. Quincy Jones created her very own home, which holds a particular place in her heart.

It is a house that “vibrates with the love that created it,” in Jennifer’s words. She paid $20.1 million for her house, began a 2.5-year remodeling effort, and finished it with a humble thank-you to the designers and craftspeople.

Sandra Bullock’s Home


One of the most loved actresses in Hollywood, Sandra Bullock is most known for playing Miss Congeniality. Bullock spent $16.9 million buying a seven-bedroom property in 2011, right adjacent to the famous Ricky Martin house from Livin’ la Vida Loca! Bullock once owned a house on Sunset Strip that she rented out for just $18,500/month, but sources indicate that she sold it in 2018 because she decided the life of a landlord wasn’t for her.

Hugh Hefner’s Home


Hugh Hefner, the ultimate Playboy, and his renowned Playboy house are situated next to Nicholas Cage’s foreclosed property on the west side of LA Country Club.

He paid $1,000,000 for the property back in 1971, and it recently sold for $200,000,000! A highly desired Zoo Permit was included in the deal, which the next owner took advantage of. I would love to see the moving-in list, which includes items like beds, couches, giraffes, and lions.

Michael Jackson Home


His final house before his premature demise was the King of Pops’ renowned home in the Holmby Hills. In 2012, the house was sold for $18 million. All of his artwork, furniture, and even his deathbed were auctioned off after his passing in the run-up to the sale!

Carrie Fisher’s Home


Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher resided in this house until her untimely passing in 2016. The house was initially constructed for Robert Armstrong (King Kong), and afterward owned by Bette Davis, but it was ultimately purchased by none other than Carrie Fisher.


These were some of the most famous celebrity homes in Los Angeles. There are a lot more celebrities who own a house in Los Angeles County. Tours are arranged for the common public to go and see these houses.