How Can I Increase My Chances of Selling My House

How Can I Increase My Chances of Selling My House?

If you think that finding a potential client that offers you worthwhile rates for your home and agrees on your selling terms is the biggest difficulty you will face when selling your house, then we are sorry to burst your bubble because it is a lot more than this.

From understanding and marketing your home according to the real estate industry trends to completing the documentation and closing the deal, selling a home is undoubtedly not a piece of cake for anyone.

And these struggles multiply if you are in a hurry to sell your home. From hardly receiving buyer quotes to bargaining the rates, you can face hundreds of problems that will prolong your process.

But there is nothing to worry about as we have discussed the top 5 secrets to increase your chance of selling your home. So, let’s dig in…  

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Top 5 Secrets of Selling Your Home Fast

How Can I Increase My Chances of Selling My House

1. Give Your Home a Thorough Cleaning and Repairing Session 

Apart from the extensive repairs that need to be addressed with the buyer before closing the deal, you can raise the worth of your home by thoroughly cleaning it and giving small repairs and updates. This may include:

  • Your HVAC system should be in good working condition and free of leakage, obstructed ducts, and broken components.
  • Your smoke and carbon monoxide detector should be functional and less than ten years old.
  • Your heating system should be operational, have no leakages, and have insulated pipes.
  • If you have carpets, then stem clean them, especially if you have furry pets.
  • Replace any chipped or broken floor tiles so your floor looks smooth.
  • Fill and repair all the nail holes and other digs of the ceilings.
  • If your wall paint is chipped or has discoloration due to water leakage or has become old, get new paint for the walls.
  • Your home’s electric system and panels should be updated and working properly.
  • Clean your kitchen and overall home’s cabinets, and replace the knobs and handles with a new design or if they are broken.
  • Ensure that the home’s drainage system has no obstructions and doesn’t overflow.
  • Repair the broken windows and doors. You may also replace them with new, updated designs.
  • If your garage and yard are, then ensure the garage doors and fences are not broken. Also, remove unnecessary items from the yard to make it look clean.

2. Prepare Your Home for Staging and Open Houses 

How Can I Increase My Chances of Selling My House

Preparing your home for staging and open houses is quite a significant step to attract your potential buyers and close the deal quickly. It is the best step to draw the attention of the buyers, neighbors, and real estate agents toward your home and the fact that you are willing to sell it. 

Perfect preparation for staging and open houses includes the following steps:

  • Initiate by thoroughly cleaning and repairing the house, as already discussed before. A home with broken, chipped, and dirty parts is nothing but a reason for the buyers to run away.
  • Declutter your home from all the unnecessary stuff: old bicycles, broken frames, old-fashioned sofas, and other things that are no longer in use. It will make your home look big, clean, and organized.
  • If you have a lot of oversized furniture sets like sofas, couches, chairs, or tables, then consider them moving someplace else for open house sessions.
  • Depersonalize your home by removing all the personal belongings like family photos and frames, kids’ paintings, religious items, and all the things that don’t seem to be adding any attraction to the buyers. By this step, you will make your buyers imagine it as their future home.
  • Remove all the valuable belongings that are not included in your home’s selling deal. For example, if your expensive painting, chandelier on the table, and dining table are not up for sale, it is better not to show them to the buyers in open houses.
  • Make sure that the lighting is all around the house, especially at the entrance, guest rooms, and hallway. Good lighting will not only enhance the features of your house but boost its attractiveness.
  • If you have pets, especially furry ones, then hide them and ensure that you are cleaning your carpets and dusting, performing no traces of your pets. The reason is that many people don’t like pets or have allergies to them.

And for the final touch-up, do not forget to remove your daily usable items like toothbrushes, bathroom necessities, towels, and slippers. Also, lock your wardrobes, drawers, and cupboards to avoid inconvenience.

3. Apply Right and Recent Marketing Strategies 

Apart from contacting hundreds of real estate agents and putting billboards and advertisements in newspapers, there are thousands of ways to market your home to potential buyers and sell it quickly. 

For example, advertising your home in online real estate listings can help you draw the attention of potential buyers looking for a home in your neighborhood. 

Also, it will help you compare the condition and rates of houses in your location. You can either ask your real estate agent for the listings or do online research by yourself.

Secondly, advertising your home on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram can also help you find clients. You may also get paid advertisement services for selling your home. 

As thousands of people use the Internet every day and surf through their social media accounts, seeing your home’s advertisements can help you grab their attention. 

Also, for these advertisements, make sure that you have high-display pictures of your home. Show all the beautiful areas of your home and try to cover your whole home appealingly. 

Moreover, have a comprehensive and catchy description of your house. Write a few appealing lines for every photograph and how it is the perfect home for your buyers. 

Add information like nearby restaurants, schools, and other outdoor activity centers to attract potential buyers.

Just make sure that your readers have a catchy and complete image of your home and how it is the perfect place to live. 

4. Get a Pre Listing Inspection

How Can I Increase My Chances of Selling My House

A pre-listing home inspection from the sellers’ side is a great move to sell your home for the best rates quickly, as it will save you time from the buyers’ inspections. 

It is a cost-effective move and essential for identifying small and necessary repairs to boost your home’s overall worth.

A pre-listing inspection of a home includes a thorough examination of the following homes’ components: 

  • The HVAC system of the home
  • Foundational and structural cracks and damages
  • Interior and exteriors walls and doors condition
  • Broken or non-functional doors and windows
  • Fireplace and chimneys
  • Electric panels, circuits, and complete system
  • Plumbing and drainage system of home
  • Roof and ceilings condition
  • Garage area, along with its doors and other parts
  • Broken cabinets, wardrobes, and drawers knobs
  • Kitchen and its appliances
  • Fire and carbon mono-oxide detectors
  • Bathrooms and their sinks, tubs, and shower boxes
  • Roofs, basements, and crawl spaces
  • Presence or absence of hazardous materials
  • Termites infestation or presence of mold

Many companies offer home inspection services and give you a clear image of what parts of your home need repairs or updates and what repairs you need to back off. 

So, make sure before putting your property for sale on the market, you have a pre-listing inspection for your home.

5. Be Flexible with the Timings of Showcases

Although selling your home is quite difficult for the sellers, it is not a piece of cake for the buyers either. 

They have to keep struggling until they find a suitable house within their budget. And sometimes, their home-buying journey is more prolonged and complex than the sellers. 

Most buyers attend the open houses and showcases on weekends, especially Sundays. 

So, make sure that you have a flexible schedule for the weekends. You may also receive requests for home showings in the evenings.

Also, make sure that you are not following the tradition of 24-hour notice for showings, as they can turn off your potential customers. 

So, make your home as attractive as possible and be flexible when it comes to the buyers visiting your home. The more quickly they see the house, the faster they’ll buy it and close the deal. 

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Final Words  

Selling a house is undoubtedly a stressful process, especially if you are in a hurry. But there is nothing to worry about if you follow the right strategies and tricks. From finding a client through advertising online on social media to comparing your property’s rates in the neighbourhood from real estate listings, you can easily increase the chances of selling your home fast by following the five secrets.