The 9 Best Real Estate Photographers in Los Angeles, California

The 9 Best Real Estate Photographers in Los Angeles, California

A comprehensive photo shoot of your house acts as a digital open house with a wider reach to the targeted audience. 

Investing in a good real estate photographer can be a smart move to get high-paying offers for your property without investing a lot of time, money, and effort. 

So, let’s dig in to find the top nine best  real estate photographers in Los Angeles, California, who can capture breathtaking shots of your property and help you get the best rates. 

Top 9 Real Estate Photographers in Los Angeles, California

1. Alan Blakely Architectural Photography

Alan Blakely Architectural Photography is one of the leading real estate photographers, offering their services in the heart of Los Angeles, California. 

Although they are specialized in healthcare, construction, building, restaurants, and resort photography, real estate is the reason behind their massive popularity 

Offering their services at the most affordable and worthy pricing rates, Alan Blakely is specialized in capturing the most breathtaking shots of the homes and properties that are attractive and detailed enough to drive a lot of potential buyers to your advertisement. 

The 9 Best Real Estate Photographers in Los Angeles, California

2. California Image Maker 

The 9 Best Real Estate Photographers in Los Angeles, California

California Image Maker can bring life to your real estate photography by offering the photography services of photos, aerial drones, narration with voiceovers, 3D tours, virtual staging, and floor plan tours. 

Not only this, but they offer mobile marketing and social media marketing services for real estate businesses also. 

Being in the industry since 2001, California Image Maker specializes in managing your whole real estate marketing strategy and separate real estate photography. 

Their comprehensive services include video productions, virtual advertisements, lead production, digital staging and open houses, high-quality photo sessions, and related services. 

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3. Luke Gibson Photography

Operating since 2007 in Los Angeles, Luke Gibson Photography is an expert in the advertisement photography of commercial, residential, landscapes, construction, interior, restaurants, community centers, apartments, buildings, and public places. 

They are a complete package for anyone looking for a real estate photographer to sell their property. 

From high-quality images to detailed photoshoots, from quick turnaround time to affordable pricing, Luke Gibson offers the best services to catch more attention from potential buyers and get the best rates for your property. 

Their services include photoshoots, videography, 3D tours, and drone shots. 

The 9 Best Real Estate Photographers in Los Angeles, California

4. Melissa Castro Photography

The 9 Best Real Estate Photographers in Los Angeles, California

Melissa Castro Photography offers real estate marketing photoshoot services for real estate, product photography, family portraits, maternity shoots, headshots, lifestyle and conceptual portraits, artistic photography, event coverages, and environmental portraits. 

They are quite popular for their aesthetic shoots, not only doubling the home’s beauty but showcasing its beauty so that hundreds of potential buyers feel its elegance through the photos. 

5. Sky Red Productions

Based in Westwood, Los Angeles, Sky Red Productions has served property sellers with its exceptional, captivating, and affordable photography services for a long time. 

If you are looking for a professional and comprehensive real estate photographer for your commercial or residential property advertisements, then Sky Red Productions can be your helping hand. 

Their services include real estate photography, videography, 3D tours, drone camera shots, panoramics, and digital element removal at pocket-friendly rates. Also, they are quick with their services, with around 24 hours turnaround time. 

The 9 Best Real Estate Photographers in Los Angeles, California

6. Pro Digital Real Estate Photography 

The 9 Best Real Estate Photographers in Los Angeles, California

Pro Digitals Real Estate Photography, owned by Spencer Jordan Harris, is a leading real estate photography company that offers photography, videography, matter port 3D scans, and digital tours for both commercial and residential real estate for selling quickly and fastly.

Pro Digital Real Estate Photography also offers social media management, digital marketing, content creation, agent profiles, and all other services needed to succeed in the real estate industry. 

Their elegant photographs can bring value to your listing and help you get the best offers from the right buyers from all around the globe. 

7. Kevin Edge Photography 

Founded in 2008, Kevin Edge Photography has been in the real estate industry for more than five years, offering its best photography services for homes, apartments, villas, condos, restaurants, gyms, offices, theatres, institutes, bars, constructions, building and all kinds and categories of properties. 

The 9 Best Real Estate Photographers in Los Angeles, California

8. Visual Open Houses 

The 9 Best Real Estate Photographers in Los Angeles, California

Visual Open Houses has a team of skilled and expert real estate photographers that can make the sellers appreciate your property’s beauty and worth. 

They are also awarded “Real Estate Service Partner of the Year – 2019” for their exceptional and up-to-the-mark services. 

With a turnover time for getting your photos of 24 hours, Visual Open Houses offers the services of photoshoots, videography, aerial photography, drone shots, and 3D tours for residential and commercial projects. 

Visual Open Houses are quite famous for their twilight photography, so make sure you avail of their sunset shots. 

9. LA Light Photography

In Santa Monica, California, LA Light Photographers provides affordable and eye-catching real estate photoshoots and videography for commercial and residential projects. 

However, apart from properties, their great photography skills are famous for product photography, environmental portraits, and fashion videography. 

The services of LA Light Photographers includes photoshoots, videography, 3D tours, staging, aerial shots, and all other needs of the realtors, architectures, construction, building, apartments, and homes.  

The 9 Best Real Estate Photographers in Los Angeles, California

Final Thoughts 

To sell your property, it’s good to have an eye catchy booklet of your property details along with high definition pictures. Attractive home pictures add more value to your property listing. 

Therefore, getting the right real estate photographer is an effective step you can take in your home selling strategy. 

So, instead of wasting your time negotiating with the buyers and explaining to them your home’s features, get in touch with the best photographers and experience the ultimate impact of their services on your home-selling marketing strategy.